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Saturday, May 31, 2008

LLL may be losing one of it's founding mothers

It's looking as if La Leche League will be losing one of it's founding mothers. Makes me even more sad that I missed the International Conference last year. Edwina Froehlich, one of the LLLI Founders , suffered a stroke on Sunday, May 25. She has been hospitalized since then and is now being transfered to to Hospice care at Northwest Community Hospital.

Marian Tompson, another of the founding mothers, visited her and said that the heart doctor said that he felt the most important thing now was to make her comfortable.

From Marian -

As usual, the Froehlich family was there when I got to the hospital
this morning - David and his wife, Paula, Paul's wife and their
eldest daughter, LeeAnn. Paula showed me the more than 50 faxes
Edwina had already received from all over the world, through the
hospital's website. I held them up and told Edwina about each one
and she put out her left hand and held one up to her face. The
family enjoyed reading the emails that you gave me Rebecca, astounded
that people in all those countries would know about Edwina's
predicament and be sending their prayers and best wishes. LLL of
Ireland sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Edwina seemed much the way she did on Tuesday altho she dozes off a
lot. But when she is awake, for very short periods of time, she will
look straight at you and several times she tried to talk to
me. Once, when she came out of a sleep, she seemed to be surprised
to find herself in the hospital unable to talk.

So we can continue to hold her in our prayers and in our
hearts, thankful that she has been part of our lives for so long.


A little about Edwina -

She was of "advanced age" when she had her first baby when she was 36. (Back then most women were done having babies by age 30.) The doctors told her that the breasts of a woman over 30 could never produce milk. She proved all those doctors wrong, giving birth to three sons at home and nursing all of them. In 1956 she was one of the 7 founding mothers of LLL. Edwina, whose role in the early days of LLL was that of secretary, communicated with mothers and health care professionals worldwide. Edwina's husband, John, passed away in 1997. They had enjoyed 49 years of marriage. Now she is proud grandmother of nine grandchildren. I know she's in her 90's now, maybe 92 years old?

Our thoughts and prayers will be with her family. She is certainly an amazing woman who has touched many, many lives over the course of the last 50+ years of LLL.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Megan Campbell - hometown girl does good!

A Muncie girl auditioned for SYTYCD last night and got a ticket straight to Vegas! We'll be keeping our eyes on her!

LOVED Brandon Bryant last night. He is my favorite guy so far!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

SYTYCD - Auditions 5/28

Some quick thoughts on last night's show before we see even more auditions tonight!

Brett, the guy with Down Syndrome, really was a pretty good dancer! He was very fun to watch and I’m glad they included him. I'd rather see footage of someone like Brett than more of "SEX" and his mom! Brett is an inspiration.....SEX is a pitiful joke!

I liked Gev. He had good control, great musicality and nice tricks.

Nicole (the mom of 4) has guts! Can you imagine getting up there and doing that after having 4 kids in 6 years! Good for her for having the guts to do it!

I liked Kelli Baker. She had nice extension, a great center and beautiful fluidity of movement. She may be my favorite female dancer so far. Ruby says she recognized her from her part in High School Musical.

Ryann Race, the strip club dude, had some interesting “rubbery” movement. His quality of movement reminded me a little of someone from a past year, but I can’t place who. Will be interesting to see more of how he does with picking up choreography and partnering. I'm sure that he's one of those dancers that they invite to Vegas in hopes of "developing" him more.

Matt Dorane was one of my favorites. GREAT extension and lines, you could feel the energy flowing out of the end of his limbs as he moved. His elevation was nice and he had wonderful control and strength. (Did you see those muscles!) A nice smile too. I want to see Mia get her hands on him to break down his slightly "dance school" movements into something more grounded. I see real potential with him.

Thayne was a nice mover. Not surprised they put him through to Vegas BUT I do expect some “mascalinity” criticism from Nigel in later rounds. He doesn’t have that mascaline strength that Nigel is always looking for in the guys.

Kortney and Michelle – not much of an opinion yet. I will say that I liked what we saw of them better in choreography than on their own.

Not a fan of Paige Jones (pagent girl). We’ll see how she does in Vegas. She has a great smile – but it’s that fake pagent smile. Her moves are took “dancing by numbers” for me with little soul to them. They'll need to crack her exterior and get her more grounded for me to really like her.

Joshua Allen was great. His musicality was wonderful and his elevation was really impressive for a guy built like that! I did not expect that high leap that he did. What little we got to see of him in the choreography round seemed really good. I thought he seemed to connect with his partner in what little they showed. Will be interesting to see where he goes from there in Vegas.

John & Arielle – he was the frame for her picture and not much else. He was a great frame though and was really there for her with lots of strength on all those lifts. A good partner.....but nothing spectacular. I would have liked to see her DANCE on the floor a bit more instead of flying around in the air so much. We’ll see more of her and how she actually moves in Vegas.

That last Steven dude….man! Calling Mary a “B” before he left the stage?! Guess he doesn’t plan to come back and try again next year!

Friday, May 23, 2008

In memory of Maria Sue Chapman (2003-2008)

Maria Sue Chapman, youngest daughter to Mary Beth and singer Steven Curtis Chapman, was killed in a tragic accident Wednesday night when her older brother accidentaly backed over her in the family driveway. Just hours before this close knit family was celebrating the engagement of the oldest daughter Emily Chapman, and were just hours away from a graduation party marking Caleb Chapman's completion of high school. Now, they are preparing to bury a child who blew out 5 candles on a birthday cake less than 10 days ago.

My heart has ached for this family all week, especially each time I have hugged my own sweet 5-year-old and seen her smile. I hope they can find some comfort in the memories of their beautiful, funny girl and in their faith in God. It's so difficult to even begin to try to understand accidents like this.


Poppin' that'll blow your mind

Robert Muraine amazes the judges and goes straight to Vegas.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

SYTYCD on Ellen

SYTYCD - Auditions 5/22

After much anticipation in our house, season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance finally started tonight! Ruby stayed up late with me to watch and *almost* made it all the way through both hours.

I’m glad that they ended up cutting Jonathan (the Italian guy) in choreography. Remember how some of the judges thought Danny had an attitude last year? No…..THIS was an attitude! GEEZ! He has potential but I think he would have been a PITA to work with.

Can you believe “Sex” came back again? That guy is just determined to get his 15 minutes of fame, huh?

The visually impaired girl, Laura, was really pretty good. I think that they were right to cut her because she wasn’t “professionally polished” enough and with the speed that the competition moves at, I don’t think she would have been able to keep up.

Glad to see Twitch back and through to Vegas again! And Phillip Chbeeb too! (Wasn’t he the one Shane Sparks called “sick” last year?!)

ETA after a good night's sleep: William Wingfield (the “poem” guy…..I called him “gangsta-lyrical” LOL!) actually blew me away. His solo was bare-bones simplicity. It flowed well and followed the story of the spoken-word piece that he chose. It may not have been the best “showcase” for his talents in an audition like this when many of the other dancers are so busy showing off their "tricks." We know Mia got it though and he is sure to be one of her favorites through the audition process. I thought that he was very memorable and I’m glad he’s through to Vegas. I can’t wait to see more of him and see what he can do.

Video of William available here http://www.rickey.org/?p=7981.

Leonidas & Aliona were very hot! They were polished and had fantastic lines. I felt they were a little too “muggy” for the audience though. Hopefully that is something that can be worked out of them because it won’t work well in the other styles.

Of the couples, I liked Ricky & Asuka better than L&A. Their footwork was really nice and I thought they had a much better connection. Amazing that they have only been dancing together for 3 mos!

Kherington Payne was my favorite girl. (The soccer player.) Her elevation and lines were lovely. She has real extension and tension in her body when she dances. She was super expressive and had that magnetic star quality that just drew you in to watch her. (Dominic was a riot watching her!)

I wish Shane Sparks would have been there to see that last popper guy, Robert Muraine! Dang! He was amazing at what he does! I was a little surprised that they put someone so specialized through to Vegas w/o doing choreography though. I hope that isn’t a mistake. If he can’t partner, what’s the point? I hope he can as he would be very entertaining to watch all season! (Imagine what Mia would do with him!) His isolation of movement is mind-boggling. Ruby fell asleep and missed him. I hope I can find him on You Tube tomorrow!

OK…..that’s my thoughts on the night. Anyone else!?

Oh…..BTW….yes, I do take notes, LOL! Have since last season. Ruby got a notebook and tried to take notes tonight too. She copied the dancer’s names from my notebook and then she had me write “good” and “bad” and “kinda” on the side of her page so she could label each one! ROTFL! The cute part is that she was also talking in technical language about what they were doing for the first half of the show though! She was commenting on arabesques, pirouettes and frames. :-)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What a close race!

I was up until about 1:20 this morning watching the election returns on TV and online. I thought CBS was very premature in calling IN for Hillary when she had a 12% lead. By the time all the votes were counted, her lead had shrunk to only 2%, essentially splitting the Hoosier state with Obama. What a nail-biter!

After her loss in NC and just squeeking by in IN, Tim Russert thinks it's time for Hillary to step down and conceed the nomination to Obama.

Friday, May 02, 2008

More on the economy and Obama gets another SuperD!

This morning, Barack held a press conference in Indianapolis addressing the economy, the gas tax holiday and changing the way politics are run in Washington.


Former DNC Chair and Massachusetts supderdelegate Paul G. Kirk, Jr. endorsed Obama today.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Joe Andrew endorses Obama

Obama on the "gas tax holiday"

This "relief" plan that Clinton and McCain support would only save the average American $25-30.

“This is typical of what Washington does. You got an emergency, people are getting crushed. People are having a tough time, and instead of really trying to solve the problem you use a gimmick,” say Obama.

Where the candidates stand on Education