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Thursday, July 03, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 14 - 7/2

Starting tonight, each pair of dancers presents two pieces for us. This means that much more hard work required from the dancers at this point. We also get the new pairing of Thayne and Comfort this week.

I disagreed with Nigel about his comments on Thayne & Comfort’s “Cool” routine. I think that if we were watching the whole gang of the Jets dance this number we’d have expected what he said about aggression and such. BUT that’s not how it was choreographed. In this case it was a partnered dance with a guy and girl and not the original Broadway choreography and I think they danced the choreographer's vision pretty well. (Which seemed to me to be a bit more about *being cool* than *staying cool* if you catch what I mean.) That number was actually the first time that I have liked Thayne. He would make a great Jet - maybe Action? I do still think he looks like a Ken Doll when he smiles though, which really bothers me.

I liked Chelsie & Mark's Jazz piece, but at the end of the night I don't know if it will be really memorable compared to some of the others.

OK.....I'm prepared to have rotten vegetables tossed at me for this one. I thought that maybe the choreographers went easy on Twitch for the Paso Doble. For this style of dance, I expected a lot more footwork out of him than what I saw. I also thought that maybe he also needed to be up on the balls of his feet more? (Go back and watch Heidi & Travis from season 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysMGAtiProI or Sabra & Neil from season 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph1dsH4YEJw ) This is the first time I’ve liked Kherington better than Twitch in a number.

LOVED Mia Michaels piece with Katee and Joshua. My favorite piece of the night. Very intense, used the space well, and was very well partnered. They were absolutely emotionally bared to the audience and 100% committed to what they were doing. These two compliment each other so well. (What the heck was up with Katee's hair though?)

Jessica and Will’s lyrical jazz is my other fav of the night. VERY HOT! Such GREAT use of the shirt prop. Choreography-wise, I loved the way they were isolated at the top and missing each other, went into syncronized movement and then finally into partnering. Mandy laid out the story for them so well and they really did a great job with it. I loved when he used the shirt to flip her over and then to move her around. Their connection was HOT and their lines were wonderful. MAN I love to watch him leap!

Kherington and Twitch also had the good luck to draw Mia. I was wondering how much longer it would be until we got to see how Mia would make use of Twitch. I liked the piece. Was very glad that the tech folks had the good sense to rake the bed so we could see what was going on. Twitch was really committed to this from the first moment. Her entrance from above was nice. I wouldn't call this one of my favorite Mia numbers, but it was still very good.

Bottom three prediciton this week - Kourtni & Matt, Courtney & Gev and Chelsie & Mark. Going home? Possibly Kourtni & Matt. This will be a hard one as the top 10 go on the tour and number 11 & 12 are typically the alternates.


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