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Thursday, June 19, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 18 - 6/18

My take on the top 18 show -

I thought Cat looked pretty good last night. Some of her dresses are just icky but last night she looked very classy.

What in the world happened to Mary? First off, either the lighting was bad or she's turning into a lobster. That woman's skin was R.E.D. last night! And I have to say that I'm really glad her leopard print blouse held up to the enormous strain it was obviously under last night. Can we say "jam packed?!" I thought those puppies were gonna break free a couple of times. I really wanna know what's in that cup of hers too. (And was she sharing it with Nigel last night?!)

Chelsea & Thayne – I’m still not big fans of these two. Where was there connection? This piece was probably intended to be a lot hotter than it was. And those costumes were just ridiculous. Her “bustle” looked more like a diaper!

Chelsie & Mark – I was a bit worried when I heard Argentine Tango, but they really pulled it off! He looked so classy. Their frame and lines were very nice (most of the time) and all those deep, flexed lunges! He had a sultry intensity which she *almost* matched. Their syncronization was very nice. (And isn't Cat just the greatest! How sweet of her to fix Chelsie's shoe. I wonder how long it was like that?)

Jessica & William – I’m a little afraid that they could be in trouble again. I sure hope not as I love William. It was really nice to see him smiling and obviously having fun. The routine started out fun and energetic but was also a little uneven and unattached. He was really doing a pretty good job hitting it (remember he is a contemporary dancer!) but she was not quite there…..a little “cheerleader” quality? Could have been tighter.

Kourtni & Matt – A Foxtrot straight out of a movie. The lifts were much better this time. MAN he must be strong. His face was very lit up. Their footwork could have been a little tighter.

Courtney & Gev – He really did partner her well and was there for her in everything. He showed strength. It was technically well-danced but I’d love to have seen a little more emotion from them and a bit more of an organic quality. Overall pretty well done and they will most likely be safe.

Katee & Joshua – Not Tyce's best choreography ever, but fun none-the-less. These two really are the official couple to beat right now. She’s got a very expressive face when she dances. They work really well together as a couple and really commit to and sell whatever they’re given. Remember how Benji & Donyelle just "clicked" right from the beginning? Well, that's kind of how these two seem to just fit together as partners as well. If I had any criticism, I think that maybe they were slowing down a bit too much towards the end…..they had to have been exhausted after that!

Susie & Marquis – Can we send her home yet? I feel bad as Ruby says that she is her favorite girl…..but I just want her GONE! The only thing I really liked about their Salsa was the throw down from his shoulders. That made me go WOW! But since this is supposed to be her forte, I expected a lot more and felt very let down. It looked like hard work instead of like a performance. The part where they twisted around each other’s arms was kinda painful to watch.

Kherington & Twitch – When I heard “Viennese Waltz” I was honestly a little worried. I don’t know why! They captured the real essence of what they were given. It was joyful and beautiful. The lifts were so lovely and the tender rocking in his arms. Can you believe I used “tender” to describe Twitch?! This is a Hip Hop guy for goodness sakes! His strong manly carriage, wonderful partnering, soft lines. They are so safe again.

Comfort & Chris – The camera work on this one was exceptionally bad once again. I felt they could have hit it harder and expected a bit more from her – good, but not what I thought it would be. Was Chris even there?

Bottom 3 predicition - Susie & Marquis, Chelsea & Thayne, Comfort & Chris


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