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Thursday, May 29, 2008

SYTYCD - Auditions 5/28

Some quick thoughts on last night's show before we see even more auditions tonight!

Brett, the guy with Down Syndrome, really was a pretty good dancer! He was very fun to watch and I’m glad they included him. I'd rather see footage of someone like Brett than more of "SEX" and his mom! Brett is an inspiration.....SEX is a pitiful joke!

I liked Gev. He had good control, great musicality and nice tricks.

Nicole (the mom of 4) has guts! Can you imagine getting up there and doing that after having 4 kids in 6 years! Good for her for having the guts to do it!

I liked Kelli Baker. She had nice extension, a great center and beautiful fluidity of movement. She may be my favorite female dancer so far. Ruby says she recognized her from her part in High School Musical.

Ryann Race, the strip club dude, had some interesting “rubbery” movement. His quality of movement reminded me a little of someone from a past year, but I can’t place who. Will be interesting to see more of how he does with picking up choreography and partnering. I'm sure that he's one of those dancers that they invite to Vegas in hopes of "developing" him more.

Matt Dorane was one of my favorites. GREAT extension and lines, you could feel the energy flowing out of the end of his limbs as he moved. His elevation was nice and he had wonderful control and strength. (Did you see those muscles!) A nice smile too. I want to see Mia get her hands on him to break down his slightly "dance school" movements into something more grounded. I see real potential with him.

Thayne was a nice mover. Not surprised they put him through to Vegas BUT I do expect some “mascalinity” criticism from Nigel in later rounds. He doesn’t have that mascaline strength that Nigel is always looking for in the guys.

Kortney and Michelle – not much of an opinion yet. I will say that I liked what we saw of them better in choreography than on their own.

Not a fan of Paige Jones (pagent girl). We’ll see how she does in Vegas. She has a great smile – but it’s that fake pagent smile. Her moves are took “dancing by numbers” for me with little soul to them. They'll need to crack her exterior and get her more grounded for me to really like her.

Joshua Allen was great. His musicality was wonderful and his elevation was really impressive for a guy built like that! I did not expect that high leap that he did. What little we got to see of him in the choreography round seemed really good. I thought he seemed to connect with his partner in what little they showed. Will be interesting to see where he goes from there in Vegas.

John & Arielle – he was the frame for her picture and not much else. He was a great frame though and was really there for her with lots of strength on all those lifts. A good partner.....but nothing spectacular. I would have liked to see her DANCE on the floor a bit more instead of flying around in the air so much. We’ll see more of her and how she actually moves in Vegas.

That last Steven dude….man! Calling Mary a “B” before he left the stage?! Guess he doesn’t plan to come back and try again next year!


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