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Friday, September 02, 2005

Soccer season is here!

Keithen started fall soccer last night. He did such a great job! I see so much improvement from past seasons in him already, and it was their first practice!

In the past, at the first practice, he has held back at the blanket with us and waited for the coaches to call them out. Instead, last night he was out there on the field from the moment we picked up the roster at the check-in table. He found one of the kids he knew from last season and started practicing on his own right away. I even heard him telling the other kids, "I'm a good goalie!" Sounds like his confidence level has gone right up through the roof! :) When they ran laps of the field, it was obvious that he is running much stronger now than in the past too. :)

We're excited that he got Coach Marci again, who he played for last spring. She's a homeschooling momma of (I think) 3 kids. I really liked that she is so positive with the players and really stressed the YMCA values and sportsmanship when she coached last time. And she is really good at teaching them the skills. We're looking forward to a great season!


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