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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Great Switcheroo - Part I

I've started moving things back and forth between our room and the kid's rooms. I've moved most of my clothes into Keithen's closet and all their hanging clothes into our closet. Matt's shirts will stay on the top row of their closet, I think. They love the walk in closet! It's a bit tight in the closet area right now. I think we will probably end up having to get storage bags/totes for Matt and I to store our out of season clothes instead of having all our clothes out at once.

I want to get the window seat emptied out and make sure all the laundry is caught up before the big switcheroo this weekend. I also need to find a couple of boxes so I can empty the stuff off the top of our dressers so they'll be ready for the guys to move them on the weekend.

I need to buy Keithen new bedsheets since he is switching from a full mattress to a twin. I don't think he'd appreciate sleeping on Kaylee's twin-sized Dora sheets, LOL! And I'll buy the girls one set of "special" sheets for the full bed and they'll have to use the more neutral of Keithen's as their other sheets.

We have to decide what color our new room will be painted. The kids won't need their room painted, but Matt will be wallpapering one wall in there for them. (Clouds and airplanes along the wall the bed is going on.) We'll need some kind of shelf up high for Keithen beside the bunk bed. I also want hooks along the back wall of their closet for their coats.

I promise to post pictures when we are done moving everything around. Right now it just looks like a disaster with boxes of stuff all over the place as we prepare to shift everything around.


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