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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Want some cheese with that whine?

The girls are driving me crazy today. They are so whiney and needy for some reason and *I* feel like I need space today. Not a good combination! Kaylee is also in one of those moods where she goes "from Zero to 60" at the drop of a hat as far as her frustration level goes. I think I'm going to have to find something for us to do this afternoon to change the energy around here somehow. Maybe we'll bake a cake later and they can decorate it.

Keithen had a thermal scan at Dr. Mike's yesterday and his body has been adapting very well! He had all white, green and blue lines on the scan, which is great. His changes were so huge that Mike put him on every other week visits now! Yeah! (And from a financial standpoint it's great because that means he is paid for about 8 months in advance!)

Keithen did his math homework yesterday at Dr. Mike's and then his spelling homework last night with Daddy while I was at LLL. He did a GREAT job writing his words. His handwriting as improved so much already this school year. I'm glad to see the improvement because I think that was the thing he needed to work on the most. They have a lot of writing homework to do this week as it's a spelling review week. Hopefully he'll be as cooperative about completing it this week as he was last night.


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