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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Great Switcheroo - Part III

What a weekend! We made a lot of progress with getting the house rearranged. The kids are now officially moved into our old master bedroom and the girls' bedroom has now been turned into a playroom. We still need to put a few shelves up and empty some boxes out of the window seat, but for the most part it's done. It'll probably be another month before our bedroom is done though.

Saturday the kids and I went to the Children's Museum to get out of Matt's way so he could work. We bumped into our friend Anne Q very briefly by the carousel. Keithen and Kaylee held hands while riding their jumpers, which was a very sweet sight. Kaylee had a very clumsy day, managing to get hurt 4 times over the course of our visit to the museum. We're probably lucky she came home with just one band aid and a busted lip at the rate she was going! (Another growth spurt?)

As usual, we spent a lot of time in the dinosaur art gallery while the kids created their own masterpieces. While we were downstairs at Dinosphere, Keithen played his favorite computer game and the girls immersed themselves in the world of make-believe with the dinosaur costumes in the big nest. Unfortunately, I sat down on a stool next to Keithen to help him with his game and jumped up quickly as I was suddenly damp with some kid's pee! Thank goodness I didn't sit all the way down on that stool! We got some free ice cream coupons from a very apologetic staff member.

After the museum we headed to the Holiday Inn to check in for the night. The kids and I had a "mini-vacation" so Matt could work through the night on the rooms. He came to meet us for dinner at Damon's, where the kids ate for free. We had a very yummy dinner and then Matt went back home to work and we went upstairs for bath time.

Sunday morning the kids were very excited to get to go swimming. I wish I had pictures, but since I was the lone adult I didn't take the camera to the pool. I was a bit nervous because I forgot to pack the water wings, so we only had the pool noodles. We talked about it and agreed that the girls would sit on the side of the pool and take turns going into the water with me. Keithen decided that he would be OK with just his pool noodle. I'll give him credit, he did GREAT all on his own with just the noodle to help him swim. He must be getting strong! He had a great time playing with another family that was swimming and harassing the dad by blowing water at him through the pool noodle. The girls did great swimming with their noodles and eventually even got brave enough to let me just float them in the water and swim without them. Ruby loved it...she would practically dive into the water for her turn each time I brought Kaylee back to the steps. I was very proud of how brave and strong they all were in the water and pretty proud of myself for being able to juggle all three of them in the pool on my own!

The kids were quite thrilled to see their new bedroom when we came home Sunday afternoon. Keithen loves sleeping in the top bunk. He's also enjoying reading bedtime stories to his sisters up there. :) So far they're doing a pretty good job of keeping their toys under control and contained to the new toy room.

After spending a few hours at home making up the new beds and moving a few toys around, we headed over to Uncle Eric's house for a cookout with the Dollar family. As always, the kids enjoyed their time playing with their older cousins. They were exhausted by the time we came home.

Monday was spent hanging shelves, arranging toys, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Ruby loves helping me scrub the floor! Her specialty is cleaning up the coffee stains that Daddy leaves on the floor. :) We had a huge dinner of chicken parmesan, spaghetti, corn on the cob and some fresh veggies, followed by bath time and stories. Keithen begged Matt to let him stay up for the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but he fell asleep before the end. Hopefully they'll have time to finish it tonight after soccer practice.


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