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Monday, October 15, 2007


Ruby had her final gymnastics class today where the family got to go in and watch. Grandma Dollar, Daddy and I went along with Keithen and Kaylee. Ruby was as cute as can be in a new fuzzy blue leotard that we found her at the Oaklandon Sale this last weekend. She has really enjoyed this class and I'm sure we'll sign her up for it again the next time registration comes around. She did really well and you can tell that she's getting very strong.

Stretching and listening to her teacher.

Tuck jumps.

Handstand - she actually held it up there with her legs fairly straight for a couple of seconds.

Cartwheel - I could NEVER master these myself. She's doing pretty well for a 4 year old!

Springboard - I love this action shot of her airborne with the hair flying!

On the barre. Miss Joan let go of her and she did her flip around it almost unassisted.

And with her certificate at the end of class. Hopefully she won't forget everything before I can get her into another one when winter registration opens up.


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