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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Report Cards

Keithen and Kaylee had fall parent/teacher conferences and got their report cards this week. Since everyone is doing well, they all got new Webkinz. Kaylee got a bulldog, Keithen got a leopard and Ruby got a pink pony. The girls also got some new matching nightgowns. Keithen got a Marauders Map to put on the wall in his room.

Keithen made honor roll and got a "Personal Best" award for the first time. His study habits and focus in the classroom have improved a lot since the start of the new school year.

Kaylee's only area that needed work is her penmanship, which is really probably to be expected at this point. I know when Keithen was in first grade, his improved about 200% from the start of the year to the end of the year.

Ruby is currently working on learning to read word families at home and is doing a good job. We've also been doing some math games with dice.


  • At 11:23 PM, September 26, 2007 , Blogger Granny said...

    Congratulations to all on the report cards.

    The school festival sounded like great fun. I remember when the girls were little the face painting line was always the longest, even when there was more than one "artist" at work.


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