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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Vacation - week 2

We had a little time at the park to play after one of Ruby's classes. We met up with some of Kaylee's school friends to play at the school playground one afternoon. Kaylee got to go spend the afternoon at her friend Tori's house for the first time. They got along great.

We had 3 soccer practices during the week. On Wednesday and Thursday the grown ups (and little siblings) played against Keithen's team. That was a lot of fun! (And I actually scored two goals on Thursday!) Matt and I were feeling quite OLD after Wednesday night's scrimmage! Keithen and Ruby both had games over the weekend. Ruby scored 2 goals, one of which was a complete run-away with no one near her! Keithen's team tied.

Kaylee and I went to the Oaklandon Community Sale. We came home with 42 clothing items (including a couple of fancy dresses for the girls, some great name brand clothes for Keithen and a shirt with the store tags still on it) that were in great shape and 3 toys for only $103.15. What a haul! Saturday night Keithen went to a friend's birthday party and the girls stayed with their cousins while Matt and I saw a movie. Sunday night we made potato soup and played Keithen's new Harry Potter board game.

Keithen and Kaylee both had eye doctor appointments last week too. We saw a new doctor in the practice since our old one is no longer seeing patients. I really liked the new doc even better than our old one. He was much more personable and interacted better with the kids. (He has a kid of his own in KG.) He said that we will be very gradually phasing Kaylee out of her bifocals over the next 4-5 years and she should not need bifocal lenses by the time she starts middle school. Keithen's prescription had changed a bit so he got new glasses. (His old frames were badly wounded and I couldn't just get the lenses changed out this time.) The lady at the eyeglass place tried to show him oval frames and tell him they looked like Harry Potter's glasses. I think she was offended when I asked her if she knew what HP's glasses look like as she pretty much walked off and left us to our own devices after that. I hope she didn't get a commission off of us as she wasn't very helpful. Since they had no round frames that would fit his face, Keithen switched to some new funky glasses that come with magnetic sunglasses to go over them. They took a little getting used to after over 3 years in round frames, but I really think the shape flatters him and they make his eyes look so nice.


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