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Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend update

Kaylee has her spring semester school pictures on Friday. She wanted to wear a dress but I shot that down as it was well below freezing that day. Instead she opted to wear a pair of overalls that she had never worn before. She said she was going to be a "farmer girl" for her pictures.

Ruby's soccer team won their game on Saturday. They finished the regular season with 3 wins and 4 losses, ending up in 5th place in their division. Next weekend is the start of the playoffs.

We had a couple of hours between games this weekend, so we got to watch some of Keithen's classmates and former team-mates play between our games. One of his old team-mates got carried off the field but was limping around later in the day.

The team Keithen played this weekend had 2 classmates on it. Unfortunately, Keithen's team suffered it's only loss of the season. They ended the regular season with 5 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie, 38 goals for and only 16 goals against. They are in 1st place in their division. If they maintain their hold on the lead next weekend in the first round of playoffs, then they will automatically advance to the semi-finals.

There is a devotion after the game each weekend. Ruby pretty consistently asks for everyone to pray for her "Grandpa to be comforted because her Grandma died." This weekend she also added "and he has to take care of the doggies" so Grandpa and the dogs were all included.

During Keithen's game, Kaylee FINALLY lost that front tooth that has basically been held in by nothing but spit for a week now. She has quite the gap-toothed grin right now. (Why couldn't she have lost it BEFORE she had her picture taken on Friday?!)


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