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Monday, February 04, 2008

Soccer - week 4

Keithen's team had a VERY hard-fought game on Saturday. It went right down to the buzzer and ended in a 5-5 tie. They are 3W-0L-1T now.

Ruby's team finally won a game! And considering she plays for the Giants, we decided that this was a good omen for Eli Manning. :-)

A big congrats goes out to Eli and team for their Super Bowl win on Sunday. It was really cool to see Peyton so excited for his little brother up there in the luxury suite. Now, if only Belichick could have shown a little class and some good sportsmanship by staying on the field until Eli took his final kneel-down. 18 and 1 baby, 18 and 1.....and that 1 was the one that really counted.

Anyone else hoping for a Manning Bowl next year?


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