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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another reason to love Peyton Manning

As of this afternoon, St. Vincent Children’s Hospital here in Indianapolis will now be known as Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. Petyon has been a spokesperson for St. Vincent's since 1998, the year he joined the Colts. Peyton and his wife Ashley made an undisclosed monetary donation to the hospital. Peyton, Ashley and his parents Archie and Olivia were all on hand for the big announcement this afternoon. Manning’s PeyBack Foundation and his True Heroes” program has helped the hospital provide pediatric patients with parties in past years. Peyton now plans to take a more active role in fund-raising efforts for the hospital.

I was thrilled beyond measure this afternoon when I heard this news story. So often these days when we hear a sports figure's name mentioned in the news, it's due to some bad choice the person has made. I always know when I hear Peyton's name in the news, it's going to be something positive. He works so hard and understands the importance of giving something back to the community he represents. I have absolutely no problem with my kids looking up to Peyton because I know the kind of example he's going to set for them. Dream big, work hard and give back. Touchdown!


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