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Friday, August 24, 2007

We had a house guest last night

We had a little house guest last night. Kaylee finally got her turn to bring home the class pet, Max. Her teacher picks one student each day who has had a good day and they get to bring home a stuffed dog along with a journal. The child is supposed to write about what Max did while visiting their home. Max was very busy last night. He met Kaylee's Webkinz, watched Pokemon movie with her, helped her do her homework, went for a ride in the car with us, had pizza for dinner and watched a magic show.

She had to have fancy hair and a nice dress for when she reads her page in the Max journal to the class.

Run Kaylee Run! I love the way she's completely airborne in this picture. This was right before the game of tag turned into a skinned knee for Ruby.

Sister love.

Max is safely tucked away in his bag and ready to return to school.


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