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Friday, August 31, 2007

Can she be drawn-and-quartered?

A story in today's Indianapolis Star reports that ex-Carmel bus driver Judith Van Meter did not check her bus to see if all the students were off on August 20th. This resulted in a 5-year-old girl being left alone on the bus on an 80-degree August day.

Five and 1/2 hours later, at 1:54 p.m., the video camera on the bus showed the driver talking to the poor, hot and sweaty little girl! The student was already considered missing at that time. The bus driver reportedly told her,
"Why don't you lay down and take a nap? . . . Just stay down until the other kids come, and then I'll get you up." The driver also later lied to police, saying she had checked the bus and that she found the girl inside the school!

Thank goodness the weather wasn't hotter and the little girl ended up all right. If this had happened during the recent 90-degree heat wave, the outcome could have been tragic. The bus driver has been fired, but if I were the little girl's parents, I'd be ready to to have her drawn-and-quartered on top of it.


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