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Monday, June 04, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance has been back on FOX for a couple of weeks now. Ruby and I have been watching again. This week we should see the group of dancers who made it to Las Vegas. Do you have a favorite yet? Who do you think will make the top 20? Shows this week on Wednesday at 8:00 and Thursday at 9:00. I assume we'll find out the top 20 on Thursday this week.

Thoughts on the season so far:

Bryan Gaynor, the little robot guy with scoliosis, was amazing and I hope Shane Sparks does follow through and get him featured in a movie. That guy was one of the most entertaining performers of the season, unfortunately he's limited style-wise so he won't make the final cut for SYTYCD.

The obese woman who paid $1,400 for someone to tell her she can dance at a workshop is just dreaming if she thought she was going to make it through! Shane was right.....do your research woman! You don't go to a professional audition unless you know they are looking for your type. They're looking for fit, healthy, professional dancers here lady.....not overweight slobs who like to dance. (And yes, this is the former professional stage manager talking here!) If there is no chance that you are what they're looking for, it is RUDE to waste the time of the judges/producers and time that a talented dancer could have used to audition. Shane Sparks wasn't rude to her.....he just gave her a dose of reality!

Tony Velez's audition was great and Shane's conversation with him afterwards was hilarious. I was rolling when Shane was jumping around from seat to seat. Very talented.....I think Tony will definately make the top 20.

Lacey Schwimmer was beautiful and talented, as expected. And of course it was a big treat to see last year's champ Benji again!

Caitlin Cucchiara was very good. Nice emotion and technique. Hopefully she's ready for this since she's still very young.

I loved Myles Johnson.....amazing for having had so little training! (He's only been dancing for 8 months.) His Dad needs to get a grip and stop living through his son....."I had everything?" No, Dad, your son was the one playing sports and dating a cheerleader, not you! I hope this kid goes far just to prove to his Dad the he can be a success at this and he is talented. He had nice extension, wonderful body tension and showed amazing strength in his dancing.

Which season 3 hopeful would you most like to see make the top 20?

Pasha Kovalev
Anya Garnis
Heather Zampier
Hannah-Lee Sakakibura
Jamal Weaver
Faina Savich
Lauren "Misha" Gottlieb
Jessi Peralta
Olivia Usey
Kurt Myers
Dia Beck
Jesus "Chuy" Solorio
Hokuto "Hawk" Konishi
Dominic "D'Trix" Sandovol
Brianne Healey
Lacey Schwimmer
Morgan Larson
Phillip "PacMan" Chbeeb
Yesamin Gomez
Michael Jagger
Eva "Evita" Arce
Janet Bombard
Caitlin Cucchiara
Tony Velez
Brandon Norris
Myles Johnson
Ashley Simpson
Jaimie Goodwin
Danny Tidwell


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