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Friday, June 01, 2007

June Ballet Recital

Ruby had her last ballet recital for a while today. She'll take the summer off from dance classes. I'm trying to convince her to move up to the intermediate class when she starts up again in August.

She got this sparkly purple outfit as a hand me down from Kaylee's best friend Emily.

Barre work.....she's always first in line for this. I *love* the way she races to get there and then stands in first position with her hand on the barre, her free arm out and ready to start while all the others monkey around. She's also got a great grasp of all the French vocabulary now.

Learning about "ballet hands" to help make "beautiful pictures."

Ready to chasse'

Practicing in front of the mirror.

Ballerina in motion - grande jete'.

Using the new "bling-bling skirt" for a curtsey.

With her certificate after class.


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