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Friday, June 01, 2007

The painting crew has been here

Back over fall break, Keithen opted for privacy and moving into the old "toy room" as his own bedroom. We couldn't redecorate back then, so he has spent the past 8 months living in a purple room with the flowers, butterflies and faries strategically covered by furniture and Harry Potter banners.

Over Memorial Day weekend we spent a lot of time redecorating his room. It's not quite done yet......but let me say that it'll look a lot like Gryffindor Tower by the time we're done. The wall the window is on has stone archways and soon there will be a Gryffindor lion over the window with heavy red velour curtains. His bookcase is getting repainted in Gryffindor colors. The walls were repainted like plaster. He got a new loft bed with a desk under it. We still have to hang the pictures on the wall.
When everything is in place.....expect pictures!


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