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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Area arts worth $469M to Indy

The Arts Council of Indianapolis released a study this past week showing that our local arts organizations are worth millions to our community. Nonprofit arts organizations have a $469 million annual impact on the local economy, according to a national survey of 156 communities.

So, what do we have to do now to get more funding for our arts organizations? Since 1999, the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship program has given $1.88 million to 250 artists. The big names like the ISO and The Children's Museum have received hundreds of thousands in funding. Yet groups such as Indianapolis' Ballet Internationale have recently folded (November 2005). How do we draw more funding into our community to support the arts?

Why are we paying for international artists like Julian Opie to create installations like "Signs" (sorry.....I personally just can't call his work true art) when we have many talented artists right here in our community? Why aren't we supporting local artists?


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