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Friday, June 15, 2007

SYTYCD - the results

I *SO* wish Mia had been a judge last night. Maybe her influence could have saved Ricky. I think they made a terrible decision in cutting him and keeping both of the breakers. I would have cut one of the others, probably Cedric. These two guys have no training and their limitations are going to become evident as the competition moves along. While they are good at what they do, I don't think they will show the versitility needed to win the whole shebang. With a better matched partner, Ricky has the talent, training and passion to have hung in there much longer. Very disappointed to see one of my favorites cut so soon. (Although I will admit that I always have a weakness for the contemporary dancers based on my own background.)

I think they did make the right choice in cutting Ashlee.

I suspect couples will stay the same next week since a whole couple was cut.

The little visit from Benji was nice. Fun to watch him dance, as always. What in the heck was up with that costume? Why the red gloves?


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