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Monday, December 04, 2006

Breastfeeding vs. breasts in the media

Check out this link.

This is something I comment on a lot when people start spouting off about how mothers shouldn't nurse in public or should "go to the bathroom to do that."

How in the world is it socially acceptable to see those pictures on magazine covers, but seeing *maybe* an inch of flesh while a woman uses her breasts for their intended purpose is offensive? How can Victoria's Secret broadcast a fleshy fashion show on prime time TV tomorrow night, but a mom nursing on an airplane is removed from the plane when she exercises her right to nurse in public?

America has some pretty screwed up ideas about what is normal and acceptable. We've had so many sexualized images of the breast thrown in our faces that as a society, we've forgotten it's biological purpose. We've allowed something that is natural and beautiful to be twisted into something that we are expected to hide away. That's totally ridiculous! I see more flesh at the Academy Awards than I do when most of the mother's I know breastfed their children.

People don't bat an eye at celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Demi Moore or Britney Spears posed provocatively on the magazine covers at the supermarket. If you would dare to latch a baby on to any pair of those famous breasts, then you can be sure that you would fire up a controversy.

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