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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Those darn kids.....

And no, I don't mean mine today.

Last night Matt was playing his Battlefield game on the computer and yelling at his buddy on the phone as if they were really in combat. I gave up trying to concentrate on my book and went back to the bedroom so I could read in peace. Just as I had settled down in my bed, I heard some loud, strange noises outside. I looked out the window just in time to see my neighbor's blow up Christmas decorations sagging to the ground and a group of at least 4 teens running down the street yelling and laughing. I ran outside but they were too far down the street to really see what they looked like. I saw shadows moving around at another decorated house farther down the street.

I rang the neighbor's bell and they came out to see the damage. They hadn't heard a thing. Both of their big blow up decorations had been cut and their spiral tree had been flattened. The tree seemed fixable, but the big animals were most likely a total loss.

I grabbed up my cel phone and called the police officer who lives a bit farther down the street.....in the direction the kids were running. (His son is in Kaylee's Kindergarten class.) I was hoping he could just step outside and bust their behinds. Unfortunately, his wife said he was at work so just call the Sheriff's office. I went back inside and the neighbor called the cops.

A few minutes later my phone rang. It was the cop's wife again. The little group of 4-6 idiots had hit her house! After she talked to me, she went outside to look around and saw them running off and all her decorations ripped off her bushes and thrown out into the street.

The next thing we know, the neighborhood was crawling with cops, at least 3 Sheriff's cars cruising the neighborhood. I don't know if they ever caught anyone, but they sure did respond pretty quickly. One of the guys said he saw the neighborhood come up on the call and came out right away. I guess having a cop in the neighborhood gets us a little better response time out here. Hopefully this is the end to the holiday mischief.


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