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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The "architectural oddity" in my Dad's backyard

(*Warning* 4 letter words ahead!)

Have you ever heard the phrase "built like a brick shit house?" Have you ever seen a real one before? How about a two-seater? Well, my Dad has a 120 year-old one in his backyard!

Dad's house was built in 1886 by Alfred Shrum. Shrum had salvaged the bricks to build the home (and the outhouse!) from the old courthouse. He paid $285 for the bricks. The house has a basement, 2 full stories, and a 3 story tower.

The outhouse may be on Dad's property, but he doesn't actually own it. Carol Shrum, a descendent of the original owner and builder, made provisions in her will to deed the outhouse to the John Hay Center.

So.....if you ever wondered.....that's what a brick shit house really looks like. :-)

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