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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What *IS* that smell?

Have you ever seen the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Deborah and Ray are in a Mexican Standoff over who will move a suitcase he left sitting on the stairs? Deborah and Marie smell something really nasty and can't figure out where the smell is coming from...until they finally check the suitcase. Raymond left some cheese in the suitcase and it was the source of the mysterious, nasty smell.

Well...I've been going crazy looking for the stinky cheese in our house for the past couple of days. I did all the dishes in the sink, thinking something in there must have been smelly. I've taken out the trash and sprayed around the trash cans with Lysol. I've sniffed everything in the fridge and nothing in there seemed bad. FINALLY, early this evening I found the source of our funky smell.

We went to a family party on Monday for an early 4th of July celebration. We packed all the food items that we were taking in a large Market Day bag to carry them to my brother-in-law's house. For the trip home, we did the same, along with empty containers, plastic bags and such. We arrived home somewhere around 11:00 p.m. with sleeping kids who needed to be transplanted to their beds. I thought the only food that we needed to put away that night was the leftover homemade chocolate ice cream.

Nope. My darling hubby apparently brought home two left-over frozen hamburger patties. Three-day-old rotting meat. That was the smell. Ick.


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