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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Congratulations are in order!

There is a new little baby human over at Four Square 266 tonight! Jason and his lovely wife are now the proud parents of a a 5 lb 6 oz 18.25 in baby boy who was born this morning. Wonder if he has a name (or a nursery!?) this evening!?


  • At 10:18 PM, July 05, 2006 , Blogger Granny said...

    If I have your email address, I've misplaced it.

    I had that job in the early 60's. It was States Steamship Company. All but two of their vessels were named after states. The remaining two were the C.E. Dant and the M.M. Dant named after the owners (I think those names are right; it's been a while).

    They were white with a bright red seahorse on the stack.

    When I worked for the brokers (also in marine) I did a lot of work with American President Lines and Matson, among others. Matson may be the only remaining US flag line.


  • At 10:27 PM, July 05, 2006 , Blogger Carissa said...

    Ann -

    I am married to the second cousin 4 times removed of Robert Dollar, founder of the Dollar Steamship Line which became the APL.

    Small world.

    I have to dig up a picture to post on the blog now.


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