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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rainy day Museum fun

We got to actually enjoy spending some time playing in the Bob the Builder exhibit this time around. (Last time we went, the Museum was a madhouse and Kaylee wandered out of the gallery and got lost last!)

I had to get pictures of the girls drafting for Grandpa John, Grandma Dollar and Grandpa Dollar! They really enjoyed their time at the drafting table. You don't think it's in their blood, do you?

Keithen spent forever under this sink trying to get the pipes attached. I think there must have been some pieces missing as we couldn't quite get it to work. Notice the black cable running above his head? There was actually something plugged in down there! I meant to ask one of the Museum staff about it but I forgot about it.

I held the camera up above Kaylee's head on the carousel to get the great picture of her looking up at the stars.

We went to a session on drawing like Chihuly and the kids got to make giant drawings with pastels. They were supposed to draw big and fast while they listened to music. The interpreter put on The Beatles, which are evidently one of Chihuly's favorite bands.

Keithen obviously really enjoyed the music. We tried the White Album when we got home last night but it just wasn't the same...he liked their older stuff. I had to buy him The Beatles #1 hits today.

(Once again, Blogger doesn't want to let me add more pictures. I'll put the rest in another post.)


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