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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Will she be an artist, a ballerina or a draftsman?

Kaylee got to see Daddy doing a lot of drafting recently when he did a huge set of working drawings for Indianapolis Civic. Evidently it rubbed off on her a bit. The 2 white pages are her "working drawings" of a ballerina bunny - all the parts drawn separately in detail. The little scribbles above each thing are where she wrote the name of each part.

The two red pages are her picture of Clifford - she must have copied the name from a book or something as I didn't tell her how to spell it! I think she traced around a stuffed Clifford to get the outline of the body.

Definately saving these two pictures for her when she is older! (Daddy wants a copy of her "drafting" to take to work.)


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