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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Indiana's Witch Hunt

Today, at the Irvington Fall Festival, there was a group of people dressed in black and wearing witch's hats. No...they weren't just there in costume to enjoy the festival. They were from Rock Indiana! rockindiana@gmail.com

These people were passing out information about the kind of discriminatory legislation Senator Patricia Miller (R) wants to pass and asking citizens to help vote her out of office in the next election. (I posted about the assisted fertility legislation Senator Miller wanted to pass earlier this month - http://the5dollars.blogspot.com/2005/10/fertility-treatment-bill-dropped.html - if you're not up to speed on this issue.) I was so glad to see them there, marching right past the Republican booth passing out leaflets and talking with voters. We were there for several hours today and it seemed that the Rock Indiana! people were definately drawing a crowd around them and talking to lots of attendees.

It's important to note that, even though the issue was withdrawn from consideration earlier this month, this does not mean that it's going to stay dead. There is concern that Miller will try to sneak it through again by tacking it on to some other piece of legislation. We need to stay vigilant and work to get this woman out of office. There are so many more important issues that she could be addressing such as our record budget deficits, loss of jobs, education, health insurance, etc. But what has Miller spent her time on? Pushing her own beliefs and conducting a "witch hunt" of unmarried persons has been higher on her agenda than curbing our government's wasteful spending, advocating better health care for citizens and ensuring that our children have the kind of education that will prepare them for the future.

Show Senator Patricia Miller that her narrow-minded, Puritanistic views have no place in our state government. Contact her via email s32@in.gov OR call her at the statehouse 317-232-9400.


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