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Monday, September 19, 2005

Of Puke and Bunkbeds

This morning, a little before six, I was snuggled into the bottom bunk futon between the girls, nursing Ruby. She was on my left, along the wall, and Kaylee was on my right, on the outside edge of the bed. I had just covered Kaylee back up with her Dora blanket.

Then, without warning, Keithen began retching in the top bunk above us. The next thing I knew, Kaylee had leaped out of bed and flung the wet blanket off herself. Evidently there was a bit of a waterfall effect. (Ewww!) What a horrible way for her to wake up! I grabbed a big bowl for Keithen and then sent Kaylee off to the bathroom to pee. After he had calmed down, I sent Keithen to the other bathroom.

Kaylee came back before the beds were changed, so I handed her a dry blanket and sent her to the couch. Keithen didn't want to climb back into the bunk bed when he was done in the bathroom, so instead he ended up sleeping for a bit in the window seat. Ruby was such a calm and patient little trooper, waiting until she could nurse again.

So, I'm off to wash the puked on sheets and blankets this afternoon. Isn't being a mom a glamorous job?! (ICK!)


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