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Friday, September 16, 2005

Parent/Teacher Conference

Since Keithen is in a year round school, today is the end of his first grading period. We had his P/T conference last night and got his report card. He scored a "mastery" in all the skills assessed this quarter. On his reading assessment, he got a 40. Absolutely off the charts for first grade assessment. (First graders are expected to be at at level 10-12 by December and 20-22 by June, so he's waaaayyyyy ahead! I think that means a 4th grade level.)

He will be on an independent reading program when he returns after their 3 week break. They will have some "challenge words" in spelling that are more difficult when they come back too. Hoping she is able to give him some more complex math soon too. Lately he's been getting some computer time at school to do math and reading stuff (MathBrain and Starfall) that I don't think they all get to do.

He's already started working on his fall break packet of worksheets. He is also supposed to keep a journal and do some reading over break. I think he is excited about playing soccer this weekend and about getting to go spend the night at Grandma Williams' house while he is on vacation.


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