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Friday, August 19, 2005

Artists at work!

Kaylee and Ruby are artists at work today! Crayons, markers, scissors, construction paper, glue, tape, stickers, old boxes and pieces of cardboard have been the favored playthings of the day. Actually, the girls love creating whenever they get the chance.

A couple of weeks ago we created cut paper collages inspired by Ed Emberley's book The Wing on a Flea and talked about shapes and colors.

Last week they did a lot of watercolors.....and some of the paint even got on the paper! LOL!

Earlier this week it was coloring Dora and Max & Ruby coloring pages printed from Nick Jr. and making "star pockets" to catch stars in like Dora the Explorer.

Yesterday it was chalk drawings on the sidewalk which evolved into pictures drawn on black construction paper with lots of colors of chalk.

Today Kaylee and Ruby have put together a cardboard house for Kaylee's constant companion, Magic Bunny. (With a little help here and there from Mommy, who made construction paper carrots to plant in the garden and cut out the holes in the box.) It's been colored and decorated with stickers and furnished all from Kaylee's imagination.

Kaylee certainly has quite an amazing imagination that seems to work non-stop. She can see in her mind how she wants her end product to look and works with purpose to create it. (And if she asks for your help and you can't understand her vision, well, good luck! LOL!) I can't wait to see how her art changes as she grows older. We're hoping to get her into a preschool art class at the Art Center sometime soon.


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