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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Report cards & winter soccer

Keithen and Kaylee brought home their report cards last week. They both did really well.

Keithen got all "M's" except for the part about turning work in on time. (Go figure!) He will be going to the honor roll breakfast later this week.

Kaylee got all "M's" except for needing improvement with her printing. (Again, go figure!) I'm not too worried about the printing as I know Keithen's penmanship improved 100x over from the start to end of first grade.

Ruby and Keithen started indoor soccer last weekend. Ruby's team lost 7-2 (would have been 5-4 if we'd have scored in the right goal!) Keithen's team won. I think 4-0 was the final score. We were very impressed with them as they actually played like a team, working together, setting up plays, passing.....I've never seen them do that on the first game of the season before!


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