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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year's weekend

On Saturday Grandpa John stopped by for a while on his way home from Texas. The kids were absolutely bouncing off the walls with excitement. I think they were very glad to see him.

Nanny and Pappy arrived on Sunday with the long awaited dollhouse that Pappy built. Kaylee has spent a ton of time playing with it ever since.

Matt had a great paying gig for New Year's Eve, so the kids and I took off for Salem on Monday and Tuesday. We spent some time with Mamaw Betty on Monday afternoon and then spent NYE with Nanny and Pappy. On Tuesday we went to Grandma Lee's class luncheon and then headed back home.

Wednesday was all about being lazy and recovering from the busy weekend. Thursday we went to see Dance Kaleidoscope's "Funny Feet" at IRT. I absoluetly loved David's world premiere Bach piece. Laura's lighting and the costumes worked so well together and the movement was very fun. DK has a very talented company right now who really draw you into the performance.


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