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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dance War

So, did anyone watch Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann last night? Ruby and I gave it a shot. I think she fell asleep before the final 14 were announced.

I wish they had pictures of the final 14 up on the website so I could put names and faces together. These audition shows always run by too fast for me to begin to get to know anyone. I got the impression that a lot of them had not prepared their songs ahead of time as there were a few too many renditions of "My Girl" last night.

Last night certainly proved how difficult it is to find a true triple threat. The truely phenomenal dancers had weak voices and the powerhouse singers looked like club dancers. (Can someone please explain why the show is called "Dance War" if the singing is going to be an important part of things?)

Buddy TV lists the final 14 - Charity, Zack, Philip, Mariel, Allysa, Maxx, Corina, Lacey, Kelsey, Tony, Marquis, Chris, Bradley and Elizabeth.


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