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Thursday, July 19, 2007

SYTYCD Weds 7/19

Sabra & Dominic - Jive
They were high energy for sure! He really has always been a very dependable partner, which is amazing since he's not used to dancing with a partner! The floor sweep wasn't quite there, but over all it was pretty good. Loved her dress.

Jamie & Hok - Broadway
Jamie's extension and energy were wonderful to watch. Her movement was very fluid. I didn't quite get that Hok's character was supposed to be an old man from the performance. He seemed more childish to me instead. Honestly, I place at least some of the fault for that on the choreography though. I don't know that the movement leant itself to the character he was asked to portray. I expect they will be in the bottom three this week.

Sara and Pasha - Jazz
The use of the suspenders was very clever. The retro clothes were a bit scarey though! There was some nice, stylized movement here and the piece seemed to have a strong pulse to it. There lines were nice. I liked the section where they were walking but kind-of leaning over backwards at the same time. Very fun to watch.

Lauren and Neil - Contemporary with Mia
I really had mixed feelings about this piece. I've gone back and watched it again to try to figure out how I feel about it and I'm still not sure. I know I hated the costumes. I found the colors of those gloves disturbing and distracting.....the green was a bit too "medical" to me and the yellow ones looked like they should be doing dishes or scrubbing toilets or something. And I *hate* anytime I can't see faces.....so the goggles bothered me a lot. When I can't see faces or eyes, I feel distanced from the piece. I think it creates a wall between the performer and the audience. It seemed very dehumanizing to me. The syncronization was pretty well done when it came to little things like the hand tics, but I felt there were some much larger movements that were not well-matched. I loved the part where he flipped her over him from behind. I have a feeling that they will end up in the bottom three this week.....mostly due to the choreography that was thrown at them. (I hate to say that because Mia is usually my favorite choreographer!)

Anya and Danny - foxtrot
YES! YES! YES! FINALLY I felt like Danny was more connected and grounded. (And I thought he had to pull Mia for it to happen. Big KUDOS to choreographer Jean-Marc Genereux. I don't know what he told the boy, but it CLICKED!) Wade was RIGHT ON when he talked about dancing from the outside in vs from the inside out. THAT is what we needed to hear about Danny. It was like Wade was channeling my thoughts. Danny was much more natural and accessble this week. The dip behind him was lovely. As always, his extension in the leaps is astounding. It was like watching an old classic movie.....very "Fred and Ginger" and totally classy!

Lacey & Kameron - Hip Hop
What was up with the costumes? I didn't understand why she was in a cheerleader outfit but had a necktie on too? Lacey was very sexy. There was something about this routine that just didn't "click" for me. They weren't as polished as usual. And what the heck with Lacey sitting down to watch him dance? Kam, honey, if you get a solo you've got to work it more than that! This was the first time I didn't really care for their number. Sad to say that they will most likely be in the bottom three.

I would like to see Anya go home before the top 10, but I think she's actually safe after last night. My guess is that Lauren and Neil will be going home tonight.



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