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Thursday, July 12, 2007

SYTYCD Weds 7/11

Kameron & Lacey - Hustle -
Her costume was certainly interesting! They had great energy and as always, a great connection. He did a nice job but she really out-danced him this time.

Cedric & Shauna - Mambo -
I had mixed feelings on this one. First off, I hated her dress. Her spins were amazing. I thought the heel-toe combination towards the end was pretty well done. I thought there were some points earlier in the number where he was maybe a bit slow? Maybe tentative, as if he is unsure of what he's doing? I never realized how long this boy's legs are until tonight! He did better than I expected, but nothing amazing.

Danny & Anya - Contemporary -
I loved the bit of staccato movement with her fists. As always, love to watch the extension on those long and graceful legs of his. The boy absolutely soars when he leaps.....such elevation! Technically he was fabulous, but his passion paled in comparison to Anya.

Pasha & Sara - West Coast Swing (choreographed by Benji!) -
WOW! It was polished, energetic and so much FUN to watch! The flips were great. This was a true performance. And remember.....she's a b-girl! Best number of the night. I think he was channeling Benji, LOL! They are totally safe.

Dominic & Sabra - Hip Hop (choreographed by Shane) -
I love when Shane does hip hop like this. He told a story with the movement. They were polished, sexy, emotive and totally connected. Very fun to watch. My other favorite number of the evening.

Hok & Jaimie - Waltz -
What a beautiful dress! I didn't know what to expect out of Hok with this style. I thought he handled it fairly well, but my focus really was onher for nearly the whole thing. I love the story behind it and that it came full-circle, ending like it started. I think it was some of the better stage lighting we've seen on the show as well. (Normally not a big fan of the way the show is lit.)

Neil & Lauren - Jazz -
This seemed more like a musical theatre piece than an actual dance. Very campy and more acted than danced. I did like the part where he chased her upstage with those big, long, exaggerated, cartoon-character-like steps. Didn't care for his jacket at the top. It was so overly large on him I felt that I lost some of his movement. You certainly know Wade's work when you see it.....a twisted Bob Fosse. I'd hate to know what this man dreams about!

My bottom 3 - Hard to choose this week!
Hok & Jaimie
Neil & Lauren
Cedric & Shauna

Expect (hope!) to see Lauren & Cedric go this week.

I think next week should be the final week of couples dances as well....then we go on to solos!



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