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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Catching up......

Another zoo trip -

We visited the zoo again. We got to express our sympathy to the dolphin trainers for their loss. One of the trainers tried to explain to Keithen why Phoenix died. We got to see the Colts cheerleaders at the dolphin show, which Ruby loved about as much as the animals! Kaylee really seems to love the goats for some reason. And of course the sprinkler area was the biggest hit of the day, as usual.

A little theatre -

Keithen did a week long theatre camp through his school. They performed "Beauty and the Beast" and he played the Prince. Ah.....my sweet prince. :-) Doesn't he look handsome?! Keithen and Kaylee will be doing a theatre workshop at the library this weekend with IRT.

Playing and learning -

I've been trying to convince Keithen to spend more time on his summer learning packet for school. He's going to end up doing 6 weeks worth of work in a couple of days if he doesn't get it in gear. Ruby has been working on counting to 20. She got all her little number cards lined up on her own. I just had to switch 16 and 19 for her. Kaylee has been spending a lot of time working on a math workbook I gave her. We've had bunnies visiting our yard nearly every day. Kaylee was excited to catch a toad and have a pet for a day.....until he peed on her! LOL! They love balancing on the wall Matt built in the back yard.

Vacation Bible School -

The kids were invited to attend Vacation Bible School at the church where Keithen plays winter soccer. They had a really good time. They had a "spy kids" type theme with "missions" to complete each night. They also enjoyed getting to sing a lot. And of course Kaylee enjoyed creating the Nile River in her classroom. Yes.....she drew a tree frog in it of course!

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