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Thursday, June 28, 2007

SYTYCD Results 6/28

I loved the opening number.

I was glad that they let us see Jessi & Pasha dance their routine. They did great together. Too bad Jessi wasn't there for the taping because they would have rocked the house and she would have been safe with that routine.

Dancing for their lives:
Neil & Lauren
Sara & Jesus (WOW?!)
Danny & Anya

So.....Sara and Jesus instead of Cedric & Shauna. Odd.

The girls' solos were all very weak. None of them looked like they were truely dancing for their lives. I said that the judges would be fighting over who to cut since none of them were safe based on the solos. I think Jessi got cut because of her health issues.....they just didn't want to take the risk. (Vote was 2 to 1.....wonder who wanted to keep her?) I think Lauren's solo was the weakest. What was that? A bad strip tease?

The guys all did fabulous solos! Again, the judges had a hard decision in front of them. I think that cutting Jesus was the right choice *from those three guys* but I don't think Jesus belonged in the bottom 3 to start with. Neil's solo was wonderful.....he flew across the stage!

No show next week due to the holiday. SYTYCD should be back July 11th.


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