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Thursday, June 28, 2007

SYTYCD Weds 6/27

Sara and Jesus - Krumping
I thought they had great energy. It was fun to watch.

Shauna and Cedric - a Mia Michaels Contemporary piece
Shauna showed power, strength and form. I knew Mia would kick Cedric's behind.
Was having Cedric sit down through part of it clever choreography so he didn't have to do much.....or was it a cop out?
Mia called it a "celebration of goodbyes" and I think that it could very well be a goodbye for Cedric.....finally.
I will give him this.....he is a very well-spoken young man.
I think the offer of classes from Debbie Allen will finally allow the judges to let him go this week since his future is taken care of now.

Lacey and Kameron - Quick Step
I think this was the best quick step we've seen yet. (But I still want to see Pasha do one!) Her dress was beautiful. Kameron cleans up really well.....he looked like a real gentleman! These two always connect so well. The jitterbug section was cute.

Danny & Anya - Hip hop
These two may actually be dancing for their lives this week.....I think we finally found their weak area. They did have some pretty good syncronization, but I thought they just didn't hit it quite hard enough. The flip he did was cool. I wanted more hands from her. (With all the black and white costumes, the hands should have stood out more. I think the gloves she was given were a costume mistake.) Also, I felt like she was "mugging" and making faces.

Sabra and Dominick - Rumba
I really like this couple. I think they are two of the most under-rated dancers on the show. They always seem to connect well with each other. They make good partners. Her lines and extension were lovely, especially at the top. (That rond de jambe was an eye catcher!) Her pirouettes were beautiful. Dominick amazes me. He's a b-boy but he's tackled everything he's been given hard, committed to it and done well with it. He somehow manages to be graceful, smooth, strong and sexy all at once. I loved watching his arm movements and his hands. His lines were wonderful. His build is perfect for this kind of dancing. One of the best numbers of the night!

Lauren and Neil - Tango
Sexy. I thought the beginning with the chairs was wonderful. I thought that once they moved away from the chairs and had to hold the closed frame, they lost a bit of the staccato movement that was intended. It could have been a little cleaner. I agreed with what Mary said about them needing to "dance down into the floor" more.

Jamie and Hok - Jazz
Loved it! One of the best numbers of the evening. Her rising up from the plie on pointe at the top was amazing. That took an enormous amount of strength and control to isolate that as she did. Great sense of balance. Beautiful movements of her arms as she was "blooming" at the start. Hok's commitment to the animalistic movements was great. I loved the inverted pose he did. This number was very well choreographed by Wade to showcase both of their strengths and blend them together. I thought they were very grounded in what they were doing and it looked polished. The only thing I didn't like was the costumes. I felt that they could have supported the intent of the choreography better by being more colorful.

Jessi and Pasha - Cha-cha
So Jessi wasn't able to perform because she was in the hospital. The choreographer's assistant stepped in at the last minute to take her place. Big kudos go to Pasha for his professionalism and rolling with the flow here. Even though he had a brand new partner thrown at him at the last minute, I felt they still connected well. What strength it took for him to do that lift and roll her around over him like that! That couldn't have been easy, especially since he had learned and practiced it with little Jessi! I love to watch when he has long traverses across the floor. He has such a strong and manly presence in everything he does. I hope Jessi is well enough to return tonight. I think the Wednesday night show is actually taped on Monday, so that means she's had a couple of days to recover now. Fingers crossed she's healthy and returns tonight.

I predict the following will dance for their lives:
Jessi (but not Pasha) if she is healthy enough.
Shauna and Cedric
Danny & Anya
Lauren and Neil

I predict that Cedric will be the boy to go home. I think either Lauren or Jessi will be the girl to get cut.

Results show tonight at 9:00 on FOX.


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