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Thursday, June 21, 2007

SYTYCD Weds 6/20

Here's my thoughts from last night.

Neil and Lauren — Hip-Hop
I thought they had a great connection this week. They worked together well and played off of each other. They were very fun to watch and did a great job with the style. Neil's strengths were used to his advantage (the dive at the start and the wonderful leap towards the end). But why was his tie backwards?

Pasha and Jessi — Jazz
Their dance had a nice animalistic quality to it. I'm always impressed by Pasha's strength. His footwork is amazing. I really hope we get a chance to see him do a quick-step later this season.

Hok and Jaimie — Samba
There is just something about her voice that really annoys me. I do not like listening to this girl talk!I love his smile and watching his face when he dances. His personality really does help make up for any weaknesses in technique. His frame was very nice but I'm with Mary, I could have used a bit more sexiness and "hip work" from Hok. It was a fun number but not as hot as a samba could have been.

D-Trix and Sabra — Contemporary
Thank goodness Mandy Moore choreographed this instead of Mia. Mia would have totally killed him. This is Sabra's style and she did a nice job. She has nice lines and nice elevation. The opening pose was very nice. (Did he say "weiner" on TV? LOL!?) I felt he was a bit stiff, but it was a good effort on his part.

Cedric and Faina — Foxtrot
Were there some sound problems with their music? I didn't think it sounded quite right.Faina was absolutely fabulous, as I expected. He was like scenery to me.....blended right into the background. He didn't seem to have any confidence in what he was doing and didn't sell his performance.....she mopped up the stage with him. His lines and frame were so horrible and sloppy. Not at all strong and masculine.Why in the heck was that little hip-hop bit in there? I suppose to try to cover up that he just didn't have the style down?They didn't gel and it didn't really feel like it was a finished, polished number ready for an audience. This was proof that Nigel was right in Vegas. He will bring his partners down. He should have been cut last week. Makes me really wanna cry for Ricky. What a shame that Faina will probably be dancing for her life tonight thanks to her partner.

Kameron and Lacey — Broadway
They were very sexy, sassy and connected! These two have really gelled as a couple. The flip he did at the top was great. I love the way they had her sitting on his knee in one part, very much a nod to the "ventriloquist" number in the musical. I would have liked to see it be a little bit more in the strict Fossee style. Over all great though!

Danny and Anya — Viennese Waltz
My favorite number of the evening! So sexy, beautiful lines and extension. Fabulous partnering between the two of them. I melted when he held her face and did those reverse turns. What an amazing amount of coordination to pull that off and still look so dreamy doing it! When they did the walk-around she looked like she was just floating.....and they spun so fast! It was smooth, polished and professional. They are the couple to beat right now!

Jimmy and Shauna — Hip-Hop
They had a nice connection once again. They really attacked it. I want to see Mia's choreography on her. I think she can help teach her to be grounded and really connect with what she's doing. I liked watching him. The steppin' part was in sync, but I felt it was a bit anti-climactic, maybe choreographed too slow? But it was fun to watch.

Jesús and Sara — Paso Doble
I wish they had given them some real Latin music to dance to. I agree with Mia's opinion about the music.....it just didn't fit. Not their fault though.The choreography was great. The only weak part I saw in the execution was that I felt bringing her down from the lift at the start was a little awkward. she did great for someone who has never danced in heels before!Jesús was amazing! Spicey and passionate! He really had lovely Spanish dance lines throughout (perfectly rounded arms, chest forward and pelvis tucked).....beautiful!I liked the last part where the music got faster the best. The part where he was stepping over her was great.

My prediction for the bottom 3 -
Hok and Jaimie
Cedric and Faina
Neil and Lauren
I think Jaimie and Cedric will go home.


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