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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Keithen's Class Play

Narrator boy.

Some Pig!

Tuesday was Keithen's class play, Charlotte's Web. Matt got there before I did and the teacher was having the kids give ideas for what they could do to make their play better. The ther kids are raising their hands and saying things like, "stand still" or "don't play with our costumes" or "pay attention," etc. Keithen raises his hand and says, "Speak from our diaphram so that everyone can hear us." Yep. That's my son. (And his dad was afraid he'd grow up to be a stagehand!)

Here's Keithen with classmate Samantha and one of the bearded dragons they have in their classroom. If his homework habits improve between now and winter break, we'll be keeping one of the lizards as a houseguest for the holidays.


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