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Monday, September 04, 2006

Curious George

Keithen and Kaylee were excited about their extra day off from school today for Labor Day. I think the most anticipated thing about their long weekend was the premiere of Curious George on PBS Kids this morning. Ruby was also very excited to see the new show start. They've all been big fans of George at one time or another and have read or heard pretty much all of the stories. Last winter we took them all to see the Curious George movie at the theatre for their birthdays.

I think George lived up to the hype for the kids today. I wasn't sure if Keithen would enjoy it since it's probably geared at younger kids. In the end, they all three seemed very engaged in watching the show and thought it was funny. I liked that they are trying to work some math and science concepts into the stories. We've only seen one episode, but I think that so far it's a hit here.


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