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Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's been up this week

Kaylee was up in the middle of the night on Sunday with bad dreams and puked about 2:30 on Monday morning. She stayed home from school with a fever that day.

On Tuesday night Keithen started soccer. He has a really experienced coach and knows at least one kid on his new team. They have changed the league rules this year though. The goalies are no longer allowed to use their hands. This is going to be HARD for him! He's been using his hands for about 2 years now when playing goalie. Poor kid.....we may have to tie them behind his back!

On Wednesday Matt forgot to take his cel phone to work so the girls and I went to deliver it after Kindergarten got out and we all went to Wendys for lunch. I am really loving the new options they have for kid's meals and sides. The girls both got yogurt instead of French fries! Kaylee also tried out a fancy new hair-do, a double French braid. I was very happy with how well it turned out!

Today is Thursday, which means it is the start of a very exciting weekend at our house. This weekend is the Indianapolis Air Show, which takes place at the Mt. Comfort Airport near our house each year. We usually have 4 days of very low fly-overs where we can occasionally even wave at the pilots because they are that low! Ruby has been outside watching the planes fly over all morning.

Kaylee filled her paw print at school today, which means she brought home a prize. She got a small blue telescope, which she immediately gave to Ruby when we picked her up. Kaylee already had a larger one, so now they both have one to play with. They're in the back yard right now hoping they can get a closer view of the airplanes, and of course pretending to be Diego and Alicia.

Kaylee's sunflowers are almost all blooming now. She has quite a little garden growing!


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