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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weekend pictures

Pictures from the birthday party at cousin Mitchell's house.

Kaylee with her new Dora backpack and Diego shoes.

THANK YOU Meijer for letting me get 3 brand new kid's backpacks this past month for a grand total of $4! They ran a special where buying $15 in Kelloggs products gets you $10 off a backpack. At the same time they ran a sale where children's backpacks were either 30% or 40% off the regular price. Keithen got a new Yu-Gi-Oh backpack which they paid ME $1 to take off their hands. (The sale didn't come up and they guy just took $10 off our total...even though his backpack only rang up $8.99.) Ruby got a new Cinderella backpack with a detachable lunch box for free. Kaylee got a new rolling Dora backpack for only $5. Our freezer and pantry are well stocked with enough Kelloggs products to last a few months!

The shoes are very small in the pictures, but you may notice the very boyish looking Diego tennis shoes? She HAD to have them since she loves Diego and didn't care that they weren't all girly and pink. I love that, when someone at school asked her if she was wearing her brother's shoes, she proudly announced..."NO! They're MINE and I LIKE them!"


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