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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kaylee's Creations

Here are just a few of Kaylee's recent artistic creations. (Click the pictures to see larger images.)

Red-eyed tree frogs (of course!).

Her hand is a tree and there are people hanging upside down in the tree pretending to be sloths. (Notice how all the hair is hanging since the people are upside down!) Using her hand to draw a tree has become a new theme in her artwork. She brought home 3 more pictures today with similar trees in them.

The happy opossum being let free at the park while Kaylee plays on the slide in the background. (I couldn't scan her other opossum picture because she cut it up and put a big cardboard frame around it. Maybe I can take a digital picture to add later.)

Her pig - this is one of my favorites! Isn't he cute?

Animal friends - rabbit, pig and cat. I think there is a tiny tree frog in one of those trees too. Notice how the bunny has one floppy ear? Well, she messed up and that was how she fixed it. I was very proud of her for problem solving instead of wadding the picture up and crying like she used to do! There is a green border all the way around the picture but I cut that out in the scan since she had me write our phone number on it for some reason!


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