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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Midterms already!?

Keithen and Kaylee brought home midterm reports this week. I can't believe the first quarter is half over already!

As expected, Keithen got all "M's" for "mastery" on his report. His teacher said that his work habits are improving and he's getting better at being a good sport. He has mentioned several classmates that he really likes, so it sounds like he's getting comfortable in his new school and making friends. His homework habits seem to be improving. Getting him a timer really seems to have helped a lot with that too.

Kaylee got mostly "M's" on her report. She needs to learn her phone number and birthday and figure out how to get from 11 to 20. She does great up to 12 and the teens just freak her out. Other than that, she had all "M's" on her report. Her teacher is a little concerned that she has latched onto one best friend and seems very attached to her. She's afraid that she could become dependent on her so she'd like to see her making some other friends. Hopefully I can help encourage that along. She seems to really be adjusting well and enjoying school. I have to scan some of the drawings she's brought home soon so I can share them.


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