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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dragorex hogwartsia update - Never tickle a sleeping dragon

The Children's Museum of Indianpolis press photos

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis press release

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis - Dracorex index - Click on the top picture to view a video of the unveiling. You can also catch a brief glimpse of the girls and me behind Steve Saulsbury.



Discovery Channel

Living the Scientific Life

I loved this quote -
According to Bakker, "Honoring an author with a species name is rare. But it should be done more often. Art, literature and science are three ways of seeing reality and sharing our exploration of the world. From now on, anyone thinking about Bone-Head dinosaurs will cite the Type [Specimen] of Dracorex hogwartsia housed at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis."

Also significant -
Some scientists think the herbivorous pachycephalosaurs used their knobby heads to headbutt each other. However, since no complete neck bones from pachycephalosaurs had ever been found, conclusive evidence for headbutting was lacking. But in addition to this skull, preparators at the Children's Museum also pieced together four nearly complete neck vertebrae for Dracorex hogwartsia. They discovered that these vertebrae have special anti-twist joints and enlarged muscle attachments sites, suggesting that these dinosaurs did engage in violent head-banging contests.

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(For those who don't get the title of this post - "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus" is the Hogwarts motto and translated into English it means "Never tickle a sleeping dragon." )


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