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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Primal scream moment

A big black hole has opened up somewhere in our house and swallowed Kaylee's glasses. Poor girl isn't going to be able to see much until we find them. I swear I saw them on her dresser last night. We're waiting on a call from her eye doctor sometime this week to let us know when her new lenses arrive. She's getting bifocals. Hopefully, when the optician calls we'll have found her glasses so she'll have a pair of frames to put the new lenses in!

I just *knew* I saw her glasses on her dresser last night. I looked everywhere that they could logically ended up from there and had no luck. As a last resort, I climbed up into Keithen's bed to look for Kaylee's glasses. He was very difficult to get out of bed today and was messing around with the Harry Potter Legos on his shelf before school. Guess where her glasses were? Up on his shelf in the little blue box where he keeps his Lego guys. Guess who's busted now?


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