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Friday, May 19, 2006

What a busy week we've had!

Last weekend Ruby had soccer on Saturday morning and then we went out of town for Mother's Day. We visited with all the Salem relatives. We went out to eat with Nanny and Pappy on Saturday night and then went to Mamaw Betty's house on Sunday afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa Williams and the dogs were there to visit too. Keithen gave me a small flowerpot that he decorated at school and the kids had been out and bought some computer games for me. We got home a bit later than we hoped, but did get to see most of the West Wing series finale.

Monday the girls finally had their "birthday" portraits done a couple of months late. I had put them off to give Ruby's scar on her forhead some time to heal. Our JCP portrait club membership had expired and I renewed it online not long ago. I talked them into letting me have my 4 free sheets off the new card by showing them Ruby's head and explaining that I couldn't have her pictures done in February as usual due to the stitches she had in her head right before her birthday! Then we ate lunch at Chick-fil-a and played on the indoor playground for a while. I bought some summer clothes for the kids at JCP and we browsed around the Disney Store for a while. I used my Mother's Day cash from my mom to take advantage of the 5 for $25 sale Victoria's Secret was having on their pink line and to get a few smelly things from Bath and Body Works.

On Tuesday we went to the library for storytime and checked out some new books. We're looking forward to the summer reading program starting next month. I'll be glad to see Keithen get some more time for pleasure reading when school is out in 2 weeks. Over his 3 week spring break he went through quite a stack of books.

Ruby had ballet class on Wednesday and then we spent some time at the park playing and enjoying the sunshine. We've seen so little sun lately that we've had to take advantage of the few times it has peeked out from behind the rain clouds!

On Thursday we had to stop by school to pick up donations for Keithen's Grandparents Day party. We went grocery shopping, bought Matt's birthday present and cleaned house. Pappy showed up right after Keithen got home from school. We had a big dinner together and then Ruby and I went back to school for a volunteer recognition program. I was surprised to find out that I fell into the 25-50 hour group and got a certificate this year for my volunteer time in the classroom and with the bookfair and such. We had some yummy desserts while we were there too. The principal congratulated us on Keithen's acceptance into EXCEL and thanked me for all my work at the school. I told him we'd have a Kindergarten student next year, so he wasn't totally losing our family when Keithen changes schools.

Thursday night I was pretty ticked off at our cable company. The cable went out around 7:00 on finale night for Will & Grace and ER. We managed to get an antenna hooked up to the TV in time to see all but the first 10 minutes of ER. All I can say is...WOW...I can't wait to see what happens and how they wrap up all the cliffhangers.

Friday morning we went to the school for the Grandparents Day party. The children had all written stories for their grandparents and they also did some reader's theatre presentations. They all did a great job. They have come so far this year in so many ways. Keithen's handwriting is so much better than this time last year. He did a really nice job of speaking loudly and clearly in their reader's theatre performance too. There were a ton of grandparents and special older friends present...I'm not sure how we fit everyone in the classroom.

Pappy left after lunch and now the girls and playing and I'm decompressing from a busy week. I'm hoping Matt gets to finish the yard and we get to do our planting this weekend. Next week I'm taking Keithen out of school early one day to go visit his new school. I think he's excited about that. Right now I'm wishing *I* had time for a nap!


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